Our Focus

AimSourcing is all about making our clients’ lives easier and helping them to be successful at what they do. We are focused on long-term relationships and not short-term projects. We want to support your business as it evolves—from the early start-up phase to a successful enterprise organization. Our perfect client is a company that understands the importance of what we do, but doesn’t want to do it themselves.

Our Approach

AimSourcing uses a team approach to support our clients. Each AimSourcing client team includes a senior professional, a payroll specialist, a bookkeeper, and a tax professional to handle the annual filing requirements. Subject matter experts join the team when needed. Our staff is extremely dedicated to our clients and is very good at what they do.

Our History

AimSourcing is a pioneer in the concept of outsourced administrative services. AimSourcing was founded in 2000 by Sarah Glass. Sarah worked 20 years in the corporate world, with her most recent position as the Controller of Radian International, LLC. After leaving Radian, she set out to prove that small businesses could receive the same quality and scope of services that a large internal accounting department offered, at an affordable price. That was her vision in 2000 and it remains AimSourcing’s vision today.

Where We Work

AimSourcing is proud to be headquartered in Austin, Texas. Our customers range from Austin to across the United States. Our infrastructure allows us to work for companies all over the country and provide the same high-level support as if they were next door.