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Partnership helps customers integrate market-leading time-tracking solution with QuickBooks

AUSTIN, TEXAS (April 12, 2005) — Journyx — the leader in Web-based time and expense tracking solutions that automate invoicing, payroll and project management — today announces that it has selected AimSourcing, Inc. to provide integration and implementation services to Journyx Timesheet® customers using Intuit® QuickBooks® Basic, QuickBooks Pro, or QuickBooks Premier. By integrating the Journyx Timesheet time accounting solution with QuickBooks, AimSourcing automates the flow of time data into customers’ billing, project management, and payroll processes. AimSourcing is an accounting information management services firm that provides consulting, implementation, and training services for the integrated solution.

“This partnership allows Journyx customers to better manage their finances,” said Curt Finch, CEO of Journyx. “AimSourcing is a ‘black-belt’ services provider for QuickBooks-based companies and provides real business value to our customers.”

For many companies, time-tracking needs exceed the capabilities offered by the built-in QuickBooks timesheet feature. The capabilities of the Journyx Timesheet product are needed, but many companies choose not to move the data manually from Timesheet into QuickBooks. Integrating Timesheet with QuickBooks solves the problem by automatically feeding time data – accurately and quickly – into QuickBooks for billing and payroll purposes. Companies reduce costs and increase billing-driven revenues substantially.

“As a customer of AimSourcing, hiring them two years ago was one of the smartest moves we’ve made in growing our business,” said Rick Silva, owner of Living Assets Management, a business coaching consultancy. “Journyx Timesheet, integrated with QuickBooks, allows us to easily collect and verify information from our coaches located throughout the country and invoice clients promptly every month. I have been able to reduce my accounting time to zero, and focus on using the collected information to manage and grow our team and clientele. It’s great to have a reliable and efficient partner with effective and easy-to-use systems.”

AimSourcing works with Journyx customers to integrate their new or existing Journyx Timesheet system with QuickBooks. AimSourcing works with customers to build the integration between the two products, and optimize the QuickBooks set-up and configuration for greatest efficiency.

“We are basically doing for our customers what worked so well for our own business when we selected Journyx as our timesheet system provider,” said Sarah Glass, President of AimSourcing. “We understand QuickBooks the way Journyx understands time tracking, and we knew that our combined expertise could bring a valuable solution to market. Our Timesheet/QuickBooks integration solution allows companies to focus on their core business, rather than on software systems.”